Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What Would Fred Wiseman Do?

I've been away from the blogging for one week finishing the Documentary short I mentioned previously. It's done. Might change a little -- post-critiques -- but it's essentially done. It took some work, though.

Two days shooting plus eight days editing equals a six-minute piece.

One highlight from that period: I saw Fred Wiseman speak and show clips from some of his movies in a session at Lincoln Center. Incredible presentation, really, as he skipped all the expected niceties and just spent time analyzing his own work. I learned more about approaching documentary structure while listening to him than from the last 10 books I've read....

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Kerry said...

I'll definitely be interested to see where you take this narrative. Stickball, for me (having never played it, for one thing), is an exoticism that lives in the still images of a frozen past. Visual and aural rhythm can only enrich this.