Saturday, January 13, 2007

YouTube Update

For better or worse, the three videos I cut for New York Institute of Photography roll onward:
Project Redeye: Halloween Challenge has 1,279,259 views and is currently the 17th most-watched "arts and animation" video of all time on youtube.

Project Redeye: Holiday Challenge has 6,222 views.

About NYIP has 1,070 views.
I am not sure what lesson is to be learned from this. I'm considering whether it may make sense to create a youtube channel and post my own work there at some point.

It is, however, a "game" you win by getting frontpaged and getting a lot of views -- and if I'm thinking about that rather than other concerns, am I really making the best work possible? Also, having watched carefully the type of comments made on, is it really a venue for the type of work I like?

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