Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Command Z" Followup: Camera Tossing

At the end of May, the "Command Z" exhibition I co-curated came quietly to an end. I was busy trying to finish a short film and to make it through my last term in school -- ever -- so I didn't get a chance to write much on the excellent work in that show.

For example, Ryan Gallagher organized an amazing online component of "camera toss" photographs. His post Camera Toss (The Blog): Command-Z Concludes... details what went into this, and has some incredible images you'll want to see....


clickykbd said...

Hey Ted. Thanks for approaching myself and the larger online community. It was hectic, alot of last minute coding to get that flickr integrated submission interface up, but well worth it. Wish I had been in LA to see the fruits of my labor, have any links to photos or video of the exhibition space after it was up and running? (sending you an email as well).

Ted Fisher said...

Well, more "official" views are expected soon but here are some a friend made back in April:

Command Z


Jonathan Vo said...

I really enjoyed the exhibition as well. Many thanks to both Ted, Doug, and Ryan for making it possible for the greater camera tossing community to participate!

David Hull said...


As a participant in the camera toss slideshow, I'd like to express my thanks to you for asking Ryan to take part in the Command-Z Exhibit at the Torrance Art Museum. And also to express my gratitude to Ryan for exhibiting a selfless dedication to the technique and the camera toss community by asking us all to participate, and putting in the copious time needed to develop what appeared over the web to be a very fine slideshow. Looking forward to any additional feedback and/or images from the overall show.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,
David Hull

Ted Fisher said...

Wow, thanks Jonathan and David!