Thursday, January 17, 2008

Photography in the News

Has the new year brought any news stories about photographers? Yes, unfortunately it has.

Winehouse Backhands Manners Into A Photographer
"Psychopath songstress Amy Winehouse was her own version of a Good Samaritan this morning, attacking a photographer for bumping into an innocent bystander and not apologizing."
Coldplay's Chris Martin pounces on photo
"After the photographer snaps a couple shots, Martin jumps on the man, pushes him to the ground and tries to make off with his camera, all while yelling, 'Have some respect!'"
Bruce kicks photographer, takes oath
"Later, Bruce said he became frustrated as photographers from The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News were crouched at his feet as he bowed his head in prayer. He asked them not to take his picture and kicked the Rocky photographer, Javier Manzano, in the knee when he did."
Bjork accused of shirt-ripping paparazzi attack
"Icelandic singer Bjork has been accused of attacking a paparazzi photographer after arriving in New Zealand for a concert."
Less violence please, folks. Of course, there's also:

Four paparazzi arrested after chasing Britney Spears
"Four photographers were arrested for reckless driving after a late night car chase of pop star Britney Spears on the outskirts of Los Angeles, police said on Thursday."
Britney Spears To Sue Photographer Over Leaked Family Portraits
"Britney Spears is reportedly planning to sue photographer Dani Brubaker, after private family portraits taken by the snapper were sold to a U.S. magazine."

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