Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Umbrellas of The Bronx

Mrs. New York Portraits needed a new umbrella. The small, ultracheap ones you buy in a Duane Reade don't last, so she pointed me to a good one -- with white puffy clouds on blue skies underneath. I bought it for her, and it arrived, and it was great.

I mentioned, though, that it seemed like it might catch the wind. Like most things, we debated that for a while.

This morning, walking in the Bronx, I was very surprised to see the identical model, clearly blown far away from its owner. It sat just inside the fence of a park where the famous black squirrels roam. I'm hoping they figure out how to use it.


Chris said...

Interesting look to this photo, particularly with the upper right side of the image. What caused that bit of fogginess?

Ted Fisher said...

It was taken with my iPhone, so that's part of it. So there's the lack of quality in the lens, the fact that the camera seems to have focused fairly close, and the rain.

I gotta get some kind of good pocketable camera. The entire iPhone process took forever, also -- saw the umbrella, started up the phone, started up the camera app, etc.


Chris said...

I kind of like the effect, but there's always the Holga.