Monday, February 09, 2009

The List

Here's the full list of videos I worked on for The New York Times, usually as a producer and editor:

2007: Frugal Traveler: American Road Trip
(12 Episodes -- Won 2008 Webby Award)
Week 1: Maryland and North Carolina
Week 2: Armuchee, Georgia
Week 3: Nashville, Tennessee
Week 4: Columbus, Indiana
Week 5: West Lima, Wisconsin
Week 6: South Dakota & Nebraska
Week 7: Greensburg, Kansas
Week 8: Austin, Texas
Week 9: Columbus, New Mexico
Week 10: Fort Collins, Colorado
Week 11: Wyoming & Montana
Week 12: Newport, Oregon

2008: Frugal Traveler: The Grand Tour (14 Episodes)
Week 1: Dover to Calais
Week 2: Paris, France
Week 3: Southwestern France
Week 4: French Riviera
Week 5: Rome
Week 6: Malta
Week 7: Cyprus
Week 8: Bucharest
Week 9: Vilnius, Lithuania
Week 10: Gdansk, Poland
Week 11: Germany
Week 12: Dutch-Belgian Border
Week 13: Frugal Edinburgh
Frugal Traveler: Looking Back

2007 - 2008: Frugal Traveler: Various Cities (6 Episodes)
Santa Fe
New York City

2008: On Par by Bill Pennington (15 Episodes)
The Long and Short of It
Rules That Rule
Relief on the Range
Coming Up Short
The Starter
Nothing Fancy
Hitting it Fat
Personal Best
Playing Backwards
Slow Play
The Fitting
First Tee Jitters
Child’s Play
The Annoying Guy Part II
One-Club Wonder

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