Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Spring Street #occupyLA (043)

A man with blood on his face and hands shouts that another man purposefully struck him with a video camera during the "Occupy Los Angeles" protest at City Hall in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 29, 2011.

(Photographer's note: I did not witness the incident that caused the injury. A reliable bystander told me he believed the injury came from being hit with a camera, which supports what I heard stated as I photographed. Also, please note that the man reportedly causing the injury is not the man in the gray tank top -- he appeared to be trying to resolve the issue. If you know more about what happened, feel free to post in the comments, but please try to be as clear as possible and please keep it strictly factual.)


s.c said...

You could think Halloween. Have no more to say

Ted Fisher said...

Well, it's not fake blood, S.C. I saw him bleeding and have other shots of him trying to deal with it.

I put in the photographer's note because I didn't want my cutline to claim to know what he was hit with, or why.

There were a few comments I heard regarding why, and the police arrived a few minutes later. I think a report was made. I just don't want to publish anything that isn't true.

So, while shown at this small size it does look like he might be playing, in person (and in some other shots) it was actually a pretty bloody scene. I would post others, but I don't want to dwell on violence. (I prefer the ring ceremony that happened just a few moments before.)

Thank you for commenting, though, it is always appreciated.