Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Film Fest Run - What Have We Learned?

On May 24, 2012, I completed "Hanging Downtown" and started submitting it to film festivals. You can read the background on how and why the film was made here:

Hanging Downtown: Directed by Ted Fisher

Now, eight months later, the film ...
  • has screened at two festivals 
  • is set to screen at two more
  • awaits notification from seven fests
  • was "not accepted" at four events

Let's look at the scorecard:

Notification Result
Coney Island Film Festival 24-May-12
28-Aug-12 Screened 22-Sep-12
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 24-May-12
6-Jan-13 Not accepted.
San Francisco Documentary Festival 26-May-12
25-Sep-12 Screened 10-Nov-12
New Hampshire Film Festival 26-May-12
27-Sep-12 Not accepted.
Chagrin Documentary Film Festival 16-Jun-12
15-Aug-12 Not accepted.
True False Film Festival 16-Aug-12
1-Feb-13 Waiting
Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival 14-Sep-12
15-Jan-13 Screening 16-Feb-13
Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 16-Sep-12
7-Jan-13 Not accepted.
Boston International Film Festival 16-Sep-12
12-Mar-13 Waiting
Independent Film Festival of Boston 16-Sep-12
25-Mar-13 Waiting
Detroit Docs 22-Sep-12

Thin Line Film Fest 27-Sep-12
4-Jan-12 Screening 13-Feb-13
Rooftop Films 4-Nov-12
10-May-13 Waiting
Biografilm Festival 17-Nov-12
30-Apr-13 Waiting
Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba Int'l Film Festival 20-Nov-12
8-May-13 Waiting

Four yes, four no, seven to be decided. A long, slow process. And it's likely a lot will happen in the next four months.

So ... let's revisit this May 24, 2013.

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