Monday, November 17, 2014

100 Words About 100 Words

My short documentary Camera Story will screen on Saturday at the 100 Words Film Festival.

[85 words to go. These don't count.]

You can read about the Official Selections, or read a preview of the festival, or read the festival's Twitter account, but you'll need to get your tickets right away.

[56 left. I'll try to get to the point.]

The thing that's interesting is that usually you make a film, then you try to get it out to an audience. Usually. But this time, I actually wrote the film based on the concept of the festival.

[81 down. Just 19 words to go. Big finish.]

It was not easy. You try writing a 100 word film.

[No, really. Try it. It's pretty fun. Write it, film it, and submit it next year so I can see it.]

I'll wait.

[There you go. A bit of tension. Now, defuse the situation.]

They have a cool poster, too.

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