Monday, March 17, 2008

Yet Jerry Springer Still Hasn't Called

Today New York Institute of Photography posted a podcast about me.


the mighty war-khan said...

Nice interview, I appreciate the insight to the path you've taken as a photographer. Of course, I can understand why Springer has yet to call, ... being seemingly medicated and all, or at the very least, having it implied. Regardless, it's interesting, your photographic journey. Though I'm against any idea of "documentary" since everything is a so-called document, wether it is actually rehearsed or unplanned. I mean, the idea of fiction vs. non-fiction in the sense of film is not absolute. To me, it's like someone using the acronym IRL.

Ted Fisher said...

Walker Evans argued for the term "documentary-style photography" whenever he was asked about "documentary photography." If I remember correctly, he would cite the photographs police take at a crime scene as "documentary" as opposed to his own work.