Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Shrinkage! or Can I Retouch It Until I Need Glasses?

Are there any stories about photography in today's news? You might regret asking.

Only follow the link below if you have a European attitude about seeing a naked man -- not Michael Musto this time -- on a billboard promoting opera.

Actor complains over 'distorted' naked billboard
"An actor who appears naked on a poster for the Royal Opera House is considering legal action because he claims the image has been distorted to shrink a certain part of his anatomy."
Well, there you go. Someone had to approach the Photoshop artist and say
"Could you, umm, de-emphasize, uh.... We want you to, well... this area here."

"What, reduce his Rigoletto?"

"Yes. Is there a filter for that?"

"No, that's going to have to be done by hand."
I'm sure by the time Adobe releases Photoshop CS4, there will be a plug-in specifically for this. You'll be able to adjust the shrinkage using a temperature scale. Why the delay? They can't stop laughing long enough to figure out what to name it.

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