Monday, May 21, 2018

Frames Cinema Journal

The new issue of Frames Cinema Journal has just been published, and I have a short article in it. It's titled: A “Farm System” in an Emerging Texas Film Festival Circuit and you can read it for free. It begins ...

It’s April, I’m in Fredericksburg, Texas, and it’s hot and windy.
In another part of the state, 300 miles northeast, tornado conditions are building. It’s fine here, however, if you’re used to Texas weather. It’s high noon, and I’m standing just outside the Fritztown Cinema. I’m nervous and windblown and the sun is at that Texas temperature where you’ll be okay if you walk slowly, but don’t push your luck.
Our screening is tomorrow. Our short documentary The Texas Sun has now appeared at two film festivals. It will go on, after this one, to five more Texas fests. From its premiere (Thin Line Film Festival, in Denton) to its finale (Deep in the Heart Film Festival, in Waco) it will be on a circuit of small Texas film festivals for exactly one year.
So go and read the entire article. 

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