Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Screening at Festival of Creative Learning

My short filmpoem "The Wanderers" is screening today at the Festival of Creative Learning & Magma Film Poetry Preview Screening, from 15:00 to 17:00 at Adam House Theatre, 3 Chambers Street in Edinburgh.

Here's what is showing ...
The Festival of Creative Learning has partnered with Magma Poetry on a collaborative project in which 4 students from the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art Film Directing MFA/MA and students from the Edinburgh Movie Production Society (EMPS) have teamed up with poets who were specially selected by Magma editors. The filmmakers chose poems from a shortlist and have been using them to create original film poems.

ECA students and one winner from EMPS will also travel to London for the launch of Magma ‘The Film Issue’ and a screening of the final versions of these films on 13 July 2018.

Please join us for a glimpse into a world of creativity and collaboration as these films are viewed for the first time, and meet the filmmakers, poets, the Festival of Creative Learning team and Magma editors Stav Poleg, Helen Nicholson and Rob A. Mackenzie.
ECA: Maggie Clark, Theodore Fisher, Marios Lizides, Simon Ray 
Edinburgh Media Production Society: Miriam Khenissi, Laura Pennycook, Jeremy Pestle, Louis Caro, Nancy Nighting, Sarema Shorr 
Poets: Aoife Lyall, Kristi Carter, Ginny Saunders, Laura Seymour, Carrie Etter

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