Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Trends in Photography

The hot trend in photography? The anonymous blog.

Now, I happen to think anonymity turns people into the worst version of themselves -- visit any Web forum if you want to discover that for yourself -- but I do understand the impulse to blog freely, with the minimum of consequences.

And I'm all for any site that talks about photography or visual culture. So take a glance at:

Bitter Photographer
A Photo Editor
A Visual Society

Still, the test for me is always: What Would Elliott Erwitt Do? I'm pretty sure he'd put his name in his profile.


the mighty war-khan said...

The other question might be, does Elliott Erwitt call himself Elliott Erwitt, or is that just what others refer to him as: a person or a representation of his work? Either way, I'm certain he has a few secrets. He was French-born after all, and they are not for lack of sadism, and surly his youthful years would have been saturated with such quipping and contemplation.

Ted Fisher said...

Good point. Elliott Erwitt the man might want to be anonymous. Elliott Erwitt, the constructed author of that body of work -- never.