Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bert Stern

I've always found the Bert Stern "Last Sitting" photographs not to my taste. I see the appeal, but they've always struck me as inelegant. And now we've seen the answer to how he would remake them today: identically.

"It has also emerged that Stern shot the pictures on film rather than use a digital camera and duplicated the original Monroe set, right down to the lighting he used 46 years ago.

Lohan posed nude for the shoot, which took place on 5 February at the Hotel Bel-Air in California – the location for the photographer's famous 'The Last Sitting' pictures of Monroe, six weeks before she died of an overdose of barbiturates. The 1962 images were published in Vogue magazine.

In his latest shoot, for New York Magazine, Stern had two photo assistants on hand and said he shot hundreds of frames during the seven-hour photo session. "
I find myself thinking the behind the scenes shots are the strongest, strangely enough.

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