Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yorkville Breaking News

I generally only mention photography-related news, but once in a while there's a story that has some interest for other reasons. For example: apparently their is a meat-cleaver-wielding maniac loose in my neighborhood this morning.

Psychologist Killed In UES Meat Cleaver Attack
"NEW YORK (CBS) ― Residents on the Upper East Side were in shock on Tuesday night after 56-year-old psychologist Kathryn Faughey was hacked to death with a meat cleaver inside an office building on East 79th Street and York Avenue at shortly after 9 p.m., police said.

The killer is still at large.

The NYPD said it is looking for a suspect described as a middle aged, blonde haired male, and is believed to be a patient of the deceased therapist. Police believe the suspect escaped through a basement exit into an alley after the attack."

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