Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fame Is Fleeting

One minute, you're right at the top of the news pack, covering all aspects of backside photography, and the next minute Google has never heard of you. Fame, clearly, is fleeting.

That sort of reversal happens, of course:

Photographer Couple Charged With Theft
"A photographer trusted for decades to capture precious events for local families is facing charges, along with his wife. Authorities said he preyed on a guest at one of those events. Authorities said photographer Steve Raab stole a guest's purse during a Bat Mitzvah at the Philmont Country Club on February 2."
Paparazzi Arrested in West Hollywood
"Photographers David Tonnessen and Christian Shostoe were arrested around 7:50 p.m. Tuesday in front of West Hollywood's B2V Hair Salon, where 50 paparazzi tried to get shots of Spears, Whitmore said. The two men did not comply with deputies' requests, Whitmore said. "They were repeatedly asked to disassemble in front of the entrances and they were obstructing traffic as well, going into the street," he said.

"About 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, in front of the nearby Villa nightclub, deputies arrested photographers Christopher Gonzalez and Vagn Rauch, who were there along with 20 other photographers on the sidewalk, Whitmore said. The celebrity news Web site reported that Lindsay Lohan was at the club."
I wonder how that works: you're tossed into a holding cell. You're surrounded by drug dealers, gang members and guys who fight in bars. One asks: What are you in for?

"Photography," you say, and they all back away slowly to the other side of the cell.

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