Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Photo Chick: Reflectors and Light Tents

A while back, producing for meant it really didn't matter what your original looked like: published it would like kinda crappy. Now they've added that "watch in high quality" link, and suddenly videos can look reasonably good. Not pristine, but not that bad.

Here's a video I helped with. It's part one of three. It includes Shirley, the world's most fantastic mannequin head.

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the mighty war-khan said...

Sure, the resolution is good, but something weird is going on with the audio. It seems a bit hollow and the change in air is noticeable. Oh yeah, on a less technical note, PC's voice makes me wanna simultaneously ram those extremely sharp pencils we made in Elementary school into my ears.

Shirley should be so lucky.

None the less, I was informed, and it's appreciated.