Sunday, June 15, 2008

Photography in the News

Are there any photo-related stories bouncing around the net about people sneaking into the background of your photos and totally ruining them?

Yes, there's one you might like. It's not NSFW, but I would call a few of the photos slightly suggestive. So if you work at the Vatican, you know what to do.

Photobombers: Ruining Your Pictures, One Click at a Time
"Although often photographed, his kind remains a mystery. Who is this random man? Where did he come from, and what are his motivations? One golden moment of genius and then, in a flash, he's gone. Wonder at his antics in this gallery of great photobomber moments."

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clickykbd said...

Taking photo bombing a little more literally, with more brilliance (of invention/play) and possible scary applications:

Been the buzz of late, perhaps you've seen it already:

image fulgurator

wired article