Sunday, November 25, 2007

3D Can Be 1D Worse Than Regular Bad Photography

Ah, yes, I did watch episode four of The Shot. A roomful of synchronized cameras, two fans going full blast, a huge lighting rig and some of the worst photographs ever. Amazingly painful to watch.

Is that why it's sponsored by Vaseline?

For those of you self-punishing enough to have seen it, here are some real lessons to take from it:
repeating "hair dance, hair dance" over and over again is not actually the same as having a plan for a shoot

claiming that the best fashion photographers are men is a sign you should look around at the field a bit more

having the hair look bad in a shoot that's about hair (and supervised by a hair guy and a photographer with great hair) may shows poor listening skills

if your photographs look exactly like those of the other six contestants, you're doing it wrong

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