Sunday, November 11, 2007

Photography in the News

Are there any photography-related items in the news?

Well, in Berlin 250 Leni Riefenstahl photographs were stolen. More importantly, at least for this blog:
"...300 works by American photographer Elliott Erwitt disappeared from a basement storage unit at the offices of Photo Estate GmbH, a subsidiary of Berlin gallery Camera Work AG, police said."
Here's the article.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean, you're in the market?

Ted Fisher said...

No, just fascinated. Put that print back in your case....

Steal a major painting, it's likely never to be seen again. Might have a crazy billionaire buyer, and if so it will disappear for decades or forever. Or it may be unsellable.

But if someone went to the trouble to cart 300 Erwitt prints out of a (possibly) secure site, it means they had a plan, or thought they did. Will it turn out that someone once thought above reproach will be caught in the middle of an inside job? Will there be a legacy of stolen Erwitts floating around for decades?

Generally, these things are kept quiet, of course.