Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tickets for NY Short Docs

I've just purchased my tickets for Friday night's documentary screening:

NY Short Docs.

Here's how they list my film:
"12th & 3rd in Brooklyn (Ted Fisher | Brooklyn | 6:00)
In Park Slope, stickball is a cherished tradition. This slowly gentrifying neighborhood is home to men who have gone to bat on the same block 12th Street and 3rd Avenue for decades. This film offers an intimate portrait of the game and the unique brotherhood it forges among the players."
(I should mention that this film is made with Iris Lee and Maya Mumma, and -- as festivals sometimes do -- they've only listed me since I was the first name on the list.)

Here's a still image from the day we shot the film: On the Streets of Brooklyn.

There's a lot of good work on the program -- I've seen a few pieces that are screening -- so you should definitely go.

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