Thursday, November 29, 2007

Which Qualifies You for the Harry Winogrand Medal

The phone rings. You stagger over to it. Who would call at such an early hour? The news, however, is great. You've just won the Friedlander award! Fantastic! Will you get to meet him? Lee Friedlander is one of your favorites, a legend in the field. He's amazing.

Umm, what? Her? Meet her? Marti who? Marti Friedlander? She's well-known in New Zealand?

Auckland photographer wins Friedlander award
'"I have chosen Edith as the inaugural recipient as I believe she has an exceptional talent," says Marti Friedlander. "I particularly like the way her photographic essays portray people and places that reveal New Zealanders and all their diversity."'
Might as well check out Marti Friedlander, New Zealand Photographer. Just in case you get that phone call.


Anonymous said...

Sí, interesante confusión :-)
Friedlander también es uno de mis favoritos.
Saludos desde Tenerife (Canarias)


Ted Fisher said...

Thank you, Eduardo.

Let me know if any photography-related stories arise in Tenerife -- I would be very interested.