Monday, April 07, 2008

Fake Pigeon Photograph of the Day

Are there any stories about photography in the news? Yes, and they all use the word "sacked" in them.

Photographer sacked over fake picture
Zhang Liang from the Harbin Daily submitted the picture "Over 800 pigeons at a square take the bird flu vaccine" to the China International Press Photo Contest in 2005 and came away with a gold award. Some of Zhang's peers launched an investigation, and two flying pigeons in the picture were said to have been fabricated. The organizer of the contest announced yesterday that the picture is a fake.
Watch the birdy: Cameraman sacked for fake pigeon
Zhang Liang, a former photographer for the Harbin Daily newspaper, admitted that he added a pigeon to a photo, using Photoshop software, which showed pigeons receiving bird flu vaccine shots from medical workers. The photo won the top prize in the first China International Press Photo Contest, held by the Photojournalist Society of China in 2005.

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