Sunday, October 10, 2010

Food in San Francisco: Farmer's Market

Here's the recipe:

First, go to the Farmer's Market. (They're everywhere, but you'll actually have to go outside.)

Second: bring cash. Not a lot, because the entire point is to get really good food for a fairly cheap price.

Third: buy Heirlooms. They'll look funny, because you're used to those bright red, unbruiseable things that are bred for shipping. Ignore the ugly exterior, as these are for eating rather than display.

Fourth: get a Sourdough Round. Again, ugly is good.

Now: slice the tomatoes. Put them on the sourdough bread. Add something to it, like salt and pepper. Maybe, maybe: put mayo on the bread, or drizzle olive oil on the tomatoes. Improvise, just don't cover up the taste.

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