Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day of Action #occupyLA (062)

Protesters shout during the "Occupy Los Angeles" event at Bank of America Plaza in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 17, 2011.


Bill Wellham said...

I like this shot. I respect the cause. Although (smiling as I write this), this shot does make the protesters look like a cast from some kind of theatrical performence, with all those 'rebellious' costumes and styles.

You have done a good job at documenting this protest. Well done.

Ted Fisher said...

Thanks, Bill.

Yep -- it's a strange shot, and very much like a theatrical performance. And the planters make a very strange space -- like a jungle, but then there's that logo stuck in front.... It almost looks like people have come to the edge of a forest to chase off intruders, but at the same time its a really shallow, compressed stage....

In many ways, the entire set of events that unfolded was in that theatrical mode -- when I arrived, the police were waiting casually in the street, the protesters were on the Plaza and in the planter areas, and local workers were lining the boulevard to watch. Then, like a set of entrances and exits in a play, the protesters would do something (set up tents, make a statement via the peoples' microphone, chant) -- and then the police cycled through a set of "acts" - a meeting with protest organizers, shifting the allowed area, a bullhorn announcement, arrests, and so on). It was a very formalized, almost ceremonial event.