Friday, May 15, 2009

Yet More Photography in the News

Any stories about photography in the news? Yep. It's been a busy week for photographers, as they've been beaten, arrested and blamed slightly more than usual.

Updates on all fronts:

Gerard Butler Charged With Battery in LA
"City prosecutors have charged Gerard Butler with misdemeanor battery in connection with a scuffle with a paparazzo."
Carrie Prejean explains those new topless photos: Gosh darn wind!
"She explained that the photos were taken about two years ago for Bliss magazine, and that it was just her and a photographer standing on a cliff on a windy day. She added the photos should not "have been released."
Alt Weekly Paper Runs Photo That Got Photographer Arrested
"Why is it on the front of The Stranger? Becker got in trouble for this picture. The photo led to an argument between Becker and the ATM personnel, which led to the cops being called, which led to Becker being detained for half an hour and officially banned from REI. (An REI spokesperson says Loomis is welcome back in the store, though the police apparently ordered him to stay away for a year.) Read about it in The Stranger story or on Becker's blog."
What happened at REI. An Update.
"Here are a few quick updates on things that have happened related to that blog post that I wrote about what happened at REI."

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