Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ruth Orkin, Street Photographer

Enjoyed The Fearless Reader's post on Ruth Orkin, "a photographer and filmmaker whose pictures, since her death from cancer in 1985, are better known than her name."

"Orkin, like Lisette Model before her, practiced the art of street photography. Her images freeze recognizable human moments in the frame, catching the unexpected and the whimsical along with way. Easter Sunday shows a handsomely attired woman regarding her counterpart in a window at Saks Fifth Avenue as a policeman stands nearby, lost in thought. Several shots taken at Penn Station catch people waiting for trains: a man balancing a box on his hip; a curly-headed tot enthroned on a suitcase in the middle of a crowd; a mother absentmindedly restraining a restless child. A woman lost in thought as she selects produce at an outdoor market is another recurring theme."

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